New Generation of Health Care Services

We specialize in Health Care Marketing and Software and provide a multidisciplinary approach to online medical clinics.

What We Do!

We help healthcare organizations and professionals grow. We provide Marketing and Advertising services specializing in health care clinics and medical softwares such as; electronic medical records (EMR) and online medical clinic software.

Who we are

We have a history of research focusing on misdiagnosed cases, malpractice, and errors in medicine. "Tech Care Online" has branched out from MARI (Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute).

MARI is a non-profit educational and research organization that collaborates with more than 1500 specialist doctors, professors, academic professionals, and researchers worldwide.

MARI has many different subsidiaries, including MARI Online Clinic, which provides services in the USA, UK, and Canada, giving multidisciplinary consultations approach online medical services with doctors from around the world.

Tech Care Online and MARI EMR (Electronic Medical Records) are the newest addition to this family, expanding our services into Healthcare Marketing and Medical Software.


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Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson




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